Watch & Attend A Once-In-A-Lifetime Live Avenged Sevenfold Event.

The OC Register has run an article on how Avenged Sevenfold fans in Southern California can attend a once-in-a-lifetime live Avenged Sevenfold event. All details on how to watch and attend can be found here.

Avenged Sevenfold is up to something big. The O.C.-based band, which released a brand new single and music video for “The Stage” last week, posted on its various social media sites that it would be hosting a very special, once-in-a-lifetime event in Los Angeles on Oct. 27.

“The Stage” is a hard-driving track with the signature A7X guitars, lyrical content that details human suffering and the accompanying music video cleverly uses marionettes to showcase various forms of torture used for entertainment throughout history. In a bit of a jab at the current political climate, at the very end of the music video, it shows who is really pulling the strings with marionettes created to look like a variety of world leaders.