Getting Back On The Road This Past Month Has Been Incredible Thanks To You All!

Getting back on the road this past month has been fucking incredible thanks to you all! Great and memorable times were had every single night and without a doubt many more are right around the corner. Meeting and seeing fans every night, sharing stories with them and most importantly rocking the fuck out together each night was truly an honor. When the Houston Open Air Festival made the decision to cancel due to weather concerns we were so bummed to have to end the first round of tour on a sour note. We know our fans don’t give up easily and neither do we, so we scrambled to make last minute arrangements to play for as many of our Houston fans as we could. In the course of one hour our entire A7X crew was able to pack and transport all of our gear, find and rent out a venue, wrangle up a security team and put together a show for as many of our Houston fans as we could fit. Nearly every promoter and agent in the area said it was impossible. Thanks to our Crew and the staff at the White Oak Music Hall we did the impossible and the show went on. We want to thank the spirited fans who showed up in Houston and helped end the first batch of shows on an amazing note! To those who traveled to see us and were not able to or those under the age of 18 we are really sorry about the situation. We tried to make the best out of a shitty situation for as many fans as we could. Louisville and Janesville get ready because we will see you this weekend!

-Avenged Sevenfold

Photo Credit: Rafa Alcantara | TWENTYFOURCORE